have you ever met someone on the internet that you liked so much that you sometimes sit there and think “oh man there are people who are lucky enough to see this person IN THE FLESH ON A REGULAR BASIS and I wonder if they realize how LUCKY they are”

Do you ever wonder if people think that about you?

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"When you look around at the six people that you spend the most time with, that’s who you are. I think that in making those decisions in who you are going to be married to, who your friends are going to be, those are really huge, critical, life decisions. Who gets to talk to you everyday, is almost like the food that you eat. It is a very huge critical situation to choose who the people are that you are spending your life with, spending your time with and who you are choosing to give your love and everything to." - Will Smith  (via w-ildfires)

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Celebrating finishing the last mid sem assessment!
Texts I'd Send To My 12, 15, 17 and 21 Self.
Note: As an Aussie these ages mean a lot to me as I grew up, read on and you'll find out why.<br />
<br />
To my 12 year old self: (Grade 7 - Last year of Primary School) Buddy, your English will definitely improve so don't fret about not being able to understand your classmates and friends. What you don't understand is their references to the most current fads such as Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon and Beyblade. <br />
So go home, forget about homework, you're smart enough to cruise through it either so early on you have 2 weeks spare, or you enjoy the first 2 weeks and spend the last few days work the assignment out. Watch TV, Play Sports, Make MORE friends and KEEP UP the Piano. You're almost there.<br />
<br />
To my 15 year old self: (Grade 10 - Last year of High School's Junior Years) Mate, don't stop at Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Assimov and Star Wars. Read Shakespeare, Eyre and Dickens. Read The Iliad and The Odyssey. Play Drums. Forget about sports by this point but instead focus on working out. Don't hog the computer because by the time you're at university you'll find all the spare time you need to play GTA4 or Saints Row, which satisfies both your urges for violence and sex IN A GAME. <br />
I remember you at this age. Your first proper crush, you'd just gotten over 'girl germs' and other non-sense like that and realise for the first time, your heart is not the steel frame you thought it was, erected only to retain knowledge, family and friends, but in fact aluminium, easily crumbled at the slightest rejection. So what? Take that rejection. I know it will feel absolutely horrible, the words 'shit', 'fuck' or 'why me' or as you used to think 'why them?' doesn't even cover it. <br />
But you know what? better let that aluminium crumble then, reinforce it with rusty iron to stall for time and then finally replace it with stainless steel... rather than waiting until now (you're 22 now) and have to experience everything first hand... ALL OVER AGAIN.
<br /> Rebel against your parents if you have to but this is the golden time to get yourself emotionally attached and try out the different dynamics of human relationships, because once Year 12 arrives your life will be so busy you won't have the time to START one. Oh and please choose subjects that you like for work after uni for year 11/12.<br />
<br />
To my 17 year old self: (Grade 12 - Final year of High School's Senior Years) Asshole, you're in your last year of high school, get your head out of the dirt and get your shit together. If you can't get a girlfriend by now you're not gonna get one within a year where you have university enrollment, formal (prom to Americans, graduation dinner to English), School Magazine to edit, 4 Choirs to Accompany, 8th Grade AMEB Piano Exam and Maths C to study (Advanced Mathematics). <br />
This is the year where you should hang out with all your friends, live vicariously / dangerously / crazily. Make sure you make HAPPY memories with everyone at school because you won't see 98% of them ever again. <br />
You're already the most famous (or infamous depending on how you look at the Hat presentation on Friday assemblies) student in the entire school, everyone the year of 2009 knows who you are and most of them loves you for being you. Capitalise on that and make a (good) reputation for yourself. This is the year where you should define yourself without anyone's interference and try every attribute out, weed the crap ones away and keep the funky good ones.<br />
<br />
To my 21 year old self: (Almost finish university) You are me last year so I remember you very clearly. You weren't focusing on your studies, you're slacking on finding post-grad work. You let your heart rule you over your head and you fell into the whirpool that is relationships. I know what you'll say because I said that to myself all year long. "Why me?", "I deserved to find companionship (companionship? really?)", "It's my turn.", "I'm 21 and I've never kissed a girl. (Ok I'll give you/myself that one, but you did kiss a guy at 22)". <br />
I know I know, I was you and I totally understand your/my justification. "Single Forever Alone." You think you were back in Year 12 and you're the hopeless romantic trying to make a certain someone realise the 'errors' in her ways. But you know what? You're not any of the girls you're trying to date, you don't know how they think, what they want, why they want. If you're just as rejected as you were in Year 10, then that's all there is. You're not what these particular few wanted. Get over it. <br />
Like I said, build steel structures not aluminium foil tents. If you have rebelled when you were younger then I have no idea what life you'd have at 21 years of age. But I know you didn't, so the truth is a harsh but real one - you're not escaping society, nor life, nor family - you're too late to resist. <br />
By this point you should just get your head back into studying, making MORE friends, maybe rebel a little by joining HEAPS of student groups but the biggest thing I would've changed about you is your heart. I know how you feel. You feel robbed of a side of life that everyone else seemed to have experienced or even more painful to the chest - experienc-ING. <br />
And because you're only maintaining contact with 2% of the amount of people you used to, you'll no doubt gravitate towards only VERY selected few people. Don't rush it. Think. Make sure you know what you're doing before letting your heart take over the reins. Of the two people that affected you most in that matter last year? You should've come clean to both. Straight up. No bullshit once you've made sure of what you wanted. And if you're rejected? TAKE IT LIKE A MAN AND LEARN FROM IT. Don't believe the "character building" crap because your character is what you want to be. Rather consider "How Can I Expand My Social Circles To Widen My Gaze".<br />
<br />
P.S: Yes I know, 12 yo me / 15 yo me / 17 yo me / 21 yo me, I'm not exactly giving you much proper advice rather than a reflection, but I'm glad I've known you all (been through you all) to become who I am today. I am still not perfect. I am flawed. But this clarity will definitely help the generations after me if not myself. And now... one last text.<br />
<br />
To myself now: I'm 22 now, I know how I think, I can safely assume to know what I want, there's only a few obstacles left until the REAL world hits you like a sledge-hammer, and I want me to know that thankfully with this reflection I know how to prepare myself the best I can - at least emotionally.<br />
I know I still have parental issues, emotional maturity issues, issues on balancing need and want, financial and career stability issues and many more other issues such as cyber-addiction, but at least you know what they are and that's good. You still have a core group of friends (those 2%) that values you for who you are, do not lose them, under any circumstances (Unless you're recuited by S.H.I.E.L.D. and needs to go into Deep Shadow Conditions), do what you like and love and yeah... that's about it I guess... until 25 I suppose *chuckle* <br />
<br />
This is me... signing off.

I can relate to this
"Growing up I thought being in love was red roses, dates on Saturday nights, pretty jewelry, Friday night movie premiers, kisses in the rain, and boxes that held expensive things. I thought true love was a story with a picture perfect ending. Now that I’m older I’ve realized it’s not that at all. True love isn’t something you find in a Disney movie. Being in love is screaming at 5 AM till you cry out of anger, but knowing they won’t leave. It’s saving each other’s selfies, good or bad, just to look at them because you miss each other. It’s being comfortable enough to talk about anything. It’s saying all the wrong things at the wrong moments. It’s leaving someone in complete control of your heart, but trusting them not to break you. It’s screaming the lyrics to your favorite songs together. It’s honesty even when it hurts and sarcasm when they’re sad. It’s lame jokes and sleepless nights. It’s fights and make up sex. It’s hour long showers and breakfast in the morning. It’s all night phone calls instead of texting. It’s the small things. It’s coffee shop dates and finding new books to read. It’s holding hands and kissing ever so passionately. It’s being able to sit at home just basking in the presence of someone you love with every fiber of your being. It’s wanting to share every moment with that one person. It’s finding yourself awake at 3 AM craving them asleep next to you. It’s little nick names and making fun of each other. It’s being called things like ‘little shit’ or ‘baby’ or ‘love of my life.’ It’s being able to fall asleep knowing that person will still be there in the morning. It’s being apart and knowing nothing will change. It’s deep talks at 6 AM. It’s days full of laughter and tears. It’s capturing the world’s beauty though their eyes. It’s not about the sex or the gifts, it’s about finding someone who pours their love into your deepest cracks making you whole once again. It’s feeling part of you missing when you’re apart. It’s finally being able to love yourself even half as much as that person loves you. Love is the only thing left in the world worth fighting for. Don’t you dare settle for a boy who makes you feel good for a night, or a girl who boosts your ego at a party. Mindfucking love is the holy grail of all love. Being in love will fuck you up in more ways than you can imagine and it’s absolutely fucking heart-wrenching, but at the same time it’s the most beautiful thing in the world." - “3AM Thoughts" series #4 (via unpoeticheartbreak)
"I’m a paradox. I want to be happy, but I think of things that make me sad. I’m lazy, yet I’m ambitious. I don’t like myself, but I also love who I am. I say I don’t care, but I really do. I’m a conflicted contradiction. If I can’t figure myself out, there’s no way anyone else has." - (via ferrerorocherrr)

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"What horrifies me most is the idea of being useless: well-educated, brilliantly promising, and fading out into an indifferent middle age." - Sylvia Plath (via skeletales)

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is he cute or is he just tall????  a real question yall need to ask yourselves 

I’m both ;D

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